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Machine Learning &
Artificial Intelligence

Azure Mobile Apps
Azure Mobile Apps

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Csharptek offers web and mobile apps which are fully managed and optimized for machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. We offer web and mobile application development services through the simulation of human intelligence by way of machine learning. Our Azure machine learning service is a cloud service that can be used to manage, train, automate and deploy machine learning models provided by the cloud platform.

Features of AI optimized Azure apps and Azure Machine Learning:

  • Our Azure Machine Learning services use data science technique to provide forecast expected future outcomes and trends for the end-clients to enhance business processes.
  • It lets you compare database of transactions to help you detect fraudulent activities.
  • Azure Machine Learning also helps in segmenting the needs and requirements of our customers to let us serve them in a better and improved manner.
  • Our Azure Machine Learning services also enable our partners and employees to build data-driven web and mobile applications.

Our Other Services -

Solutions to Business Problems

Our Azure web and mobile apps, developed with complete augmentation with AI and Machine Learning provide us with recommendations using Azure data and AI services such as Azure Databricks, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Bot Service for informed and efficient decision-making for our clients and customers. Our Azure web and mobile app services rely on managed service capabilities such as built-in monitoring, threat detection, automatic patching and backups.

Secure and Productive Data

For us, the security of data of our clients is of the utmost importance. Our AI optimized apps secures the confidential data of the clients by using algorithms and machine learning to provide the required security and creates a layered security system that enables a higher security layer within these systems. Providing security also helps in improving the productivity to the clients. Our team of programmers and developers can develop bug-free apps and software which turns out to be a win for the clients.

Android Consulting
IOS Consulting

Automated Processing

By applying the expertise of our developers in deep learning and machine learning, we automate the works of our clients through our services. Our automated backend processes enable savings for our clients and also reduce human intervention and as a result enhance productivity for our clients.

Application Deployment

By optimizing our Azure apps with AI and Machine Learning, we also improve application deployment by enhancing the performance of the apps. AI helps in predicting the prevailing issues which can be corrected in the version stage to avoid the wastage of time in overcoming those issues at the last moment. This also results in increased productivity and accuracy.

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