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Azure Mobile Apps
Azure Mobile Apps

At Csharptek, we offer a range of Azure mobile apps to assist your business:

Csharptek have many years’ experience in the creation of practical Azure mobile Apps with a focus on user experiences for your company and for your customers. We are experienced in the delivery of Azure mobile products customized to the strategic requirements of your brand. We offer simple solutions to the most difficult of problems when it comes to mobile phone app developments and implementation.

Our team of highly-skilled application developers makes effective use of screen business on smartphones, iPads, and all other types of mobile devices. Keeping pace with progress, Csharptek provides Azure mobile application development using state-of-the-art technologies for the most popular platforms: iOS and Android.

Our Other Services -


Csharptek has extensive Android experience and our consulting services will assist your brand in the creation and development of world-class Android-based applications using proven best practices.

  • Our seasoned experts can help you with the following Azure Mobile services:
  • Establish your Android development
  • Design, develop and deploy Android-based applications
  • Create stunning, intuitive Android user interfaces
  • Leverage Android device multimedia, telephone, location services, and camera feature
  • Integrate Android applications into enterprise applications and data
  • Create map-based applications using Androids GPS and other geo features
Android Consulting
IOS Consulting


Csharptek delivers expert iOS software development consulting. Our skilled iOS consulting team can help you determine the best practices and approach for the development of applications for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and other Apple based products.

  • Our skilled iOS consulting team can help you with:
  • Create stunning iOS user interfaces
  • XCode project setup
  • Utilize the MVC (Model-View-Controller) paradigm and View controller actions/outlets
  • Implement static, active, and passive controls
  • Use Button, Action Sheet, Slider, and Label


Through our Mobile Backend as a Service(mBaaS), Csharptek helps to connect your business with its customers, no matter their geographical location.

We create tailored experiences based on the behavior, needs, and requirements of your business and your customers.

Our mBaaS support allows you to store data securely, connect with social networks and our Backend Services include the setup of data models, third-party APIs, ready-made modules, backend logic and placed into the marketplace.

Mobile Backend Services

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