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Knowledge Hub, situated in UAE, gives top-notch educational expertise to students to adapt to the consistently growing requests for cutting-edge learning and advancement. It is the most reputed e-learning service provider which is effectively encumbering the training framework to liberate educational assessment and take it to another level.

• Create and Analyse assessments, enable Grading system
• Best of online, offline and paper pen assessments.
• A system where students write an assessment on the paper and teachers corrects it digitally.

  • Markezy

    • In the Markezy application, we used technologies like .NET MVC for google recognizer and Microsoft cognitive services.
    • MVC supports the rapid and parallel development and is used in Markezy to develop a web application.
    • MVC enables us to create multiple views for a model.

  • Markezy

    • The modification does not affect the entire model: like changing colors, fonts, screen layouts, and adding new device support for mobile phones or tablets.
    • MVC supported Markezy with the development of SEO friendly web pages or web applications.
    • Cognitive services enabled easy assessment of papers as it recognizes the identity of the student through names and IDs


The framework advancement of Markezy went well. In any case, the emphasis on the conduction of exams required a range of abilities of educators and additionally for students. The highlights of the Markezy included reviews of the whole instruction framework to set up and organize between the admin and the users. At the point when met with the examination module, the conventional strategies were still prominent as Markezy did not yet highlight a working physical exam framework. Merging the specialized terms in the advancement of the Markezy application on a worldwide level made an open door for us to progress.

The most challenging process was to scan the answer sheets digitally. Cognitive services were used to meet the challenge successfully.

As assessment is an advanced procedure, it required specific consideration and resources. The alternative to making it more valuable and accelerating the procedure made it important to build up an offline scanning device that was used digitally.

This would make a more competent staff framework for revising the papers without requiring additional resource. This module must be accessed by the teachers to assess the inquiry replied by the understudies. They can rapidly login, see the papers, survey and submit them to be put away in a database for further understudy execution examination.


Csharptek Solutions created solutions to each problem and delivered a flawless final product. We used the following solutions for providing the project to our client on time:

• It completely fulfils the requirement of a school management system as well as every student as they were able to view their report too.

• Scanning the answer sheet digitally was a problem before but, our developers solved the problem and made the device easy to handle.

• Now scanning the answer sheet was no longer time taking for the students and the schools


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